As One Class Types

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65 minute class that will significantly increase your overall fitness, using a combination of cardiovascular and strength moves.


30 minutes of full body strength and conditioning at a rapid pace. This one packs a punch – you get in, hit it hard and go!


One hour training class developed to bring you the benefits of the AS ONE workout in an abridged workout using bodyweight exercises and cardiovascular moves.

Lakes Legacy

Work out with our resident firefighter and trainer, Adam “The Lake” Lake, for everything fitness under the sun. This is a 90 minute training session not for the faint of heart involving cardio and strength.

This is an advanced class.  Before taking this class, you should have completed six weeks at AS ONE

Catch All

60 minutes of strength and conditioning will address your body AS ONE. We have a 100% satisfaction from every tired muscle we’ve worked! 


An hour of cardio conditioning that cranks up your heart rate, giving you a calorie afterburn that lasts long after class ends.