Just Burning Calories or Training With a Purpose

A major trend we have seen in the last 25 years and with the rise of the boutique gym has been the development of three types of exercisers (if that is a word ).

1. The “better than nothing” gym goer – this individual “does his/her time”, meaning that they go to the gym and utilize the same machines at the same intensity day in day out, read their book and listen to their show while “exercising”. This has been coddled by the big box commercial gyms who have taken the qualified fitness professional out of circulation in order to grow the bottom line.

2. The “ I am going to do as many classes as I can “ boutique goer. Typically, they have way too much time for whatever reason and fill that time with H.I.I.T training, spinning, yoga, pilates and anything else they can fit in. This has been fostered by the rise of the boutique studio, where most of these are programmed with largely ineffective programs designed by unqualified “coaches” who sell the facility as opposed to trying to give the client the training they need.

3. The “ training for something “ gym/boutique goer. This individual gets it. The understand quality over quantity, have learned what exercises/classes are safe and intelligent and approach each training day with the appropriate focus and intensity. Few and far between, these places have highly motivated fitness professionals providing training protocols that are effective in the realm of their expertise.

Now, lets break them down to see which one you are and which one you should strive to be.

1. Unfortunately, “better than nothing” goers always self limit and never effect any change. The body requires appropriate levels of good stress (intensity) to adapt and change. If you want to get more fit, lose those inches and harden yourself against the ravages of aging, you have to put in some effort and demand your metabolism to adapt. Progressive overload is the key here, push to reach new heights and levels, one more pushup, 10 more feet, etc. do this and inches will go away and strength will rise and energy will increase.

2. The “I am going to do as many classes as I can” person is on the path to destruction. I cannot sugar coat this, chronically injured with some type of nagging injury, they are hollow looking from adrenal fatigue, fall asleep at the drop of a hat, always put in the same effort or less and never really get anywhere. They have pushed their bodies beyond any ability to adapt and are always looking for something new to add thinking that more will solve their dilemma.

3. The “training for something” goer is where we all need to be! When you train for something (this could merely be training for life, not just an event) you learn about it! You become a student, pay close attention to detail, seek out the best to learn from, and get involved in a community of like-minded individuals. You are realistic with your goals, you do not chase fads and ideals not conducive to attaining a lifestyle of health and fitness. You show up to train hard and let the effort speak for itself, not public perception or a scale.

Everyone can get to number 3, but it will take some soul searching and introspection for some of you that will be difficult. Take the challenge, come out on the other side and reap the benefits!

High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T)

So much has been written and studied about this way of training, yet many discussions I have with members and others demonstrates to me there is a lot of confusion surrounding the latest famous acronym for the fitness industry.


So let’s break it down:


High Intensity – the best way to define this is to go as hard as you possibly can – now pay attention – for the given length of interval and subsequent rest period.  So if we are doing a 30 second interval followed by a 5 minute active rest period – that 30 second interval had better be everything you can give in 30 seconds, or the stimulation will not be great enough to elicit an adaptation to the demand.


But if I go from a 1 minute interval to a 15 rest period and then follow that with a 1 minute full body exercise, the accumulation of the two minutes of work will attenuate my overall output and I will have to pull it down a notch in order to complete the requirements and be able to keep it going.  Capish?


So when we design the program of the day here are some questions to ask yourself before you jump in:


  • How much rest after each interval if any? Our programs are typically designed to be done over 45 minutes, if the rest intervals are short (15 seconds and less) this program is about maintaining a steady output , albeit, high output for the duration.  If we are giving you longer rest or following the interval with exercises that are not that demanding, now you need to step it up a bit and press the interval.
  • How long is the work interval? Shorter work interval – higher output, longer work interval – lower (yet demanding) output.
  • What are the exercises involved? If we give you Jacobs Ladder, burpees, Stepmills and Kettlebell Swings – you will need to be very careful with your pacing because of the demand these exercises have on your system will make it very easy to over cook.  But pushups, bike, situps and ski erg do not have the same muscle mass activation, you can press these harder and still have enough in the tank to finish.


That is a good basic understanding to H.I.I.T. programming and usage.  The word is intensity, you have to go hard, and that can be uncomfortable – but that is the zone where all the good stuff happens.  What you are doing is demanding the body to work and then forcing it to adapt.  When that happens you get stronger, more conditioned and the metabolic shift helps you drop some inches.


Let me know if you have any questions!

Why We Love: The Step Mill

Why We Love: The Step Mill

Step Mill: A Love Story. 

By Mark Merchant – Coach, Poet, and Stair Climbing Advocate

Great piece of equipment – nothing is better at improving cardiovascular, cardio

respitory and local muscular endurance than climbing stairs and this piece of

equipment gets all the good (going up} with out the bad (going down can be

troublesome to the knees).

That is why we have them in the studio!!

But the equipment will not make you fit on its own, you have to use it correctly!!

The reason stairs are so effective is that you must lift your body weight up,

repeatedly. When you have large muscle groups working at a high rate and load, the

demand on your physiology to do the work is tremendous and therefore demands


But the demand sorta kinda sucks, so there can be a tendency to grab on to the hand

rails, but in so doing you are diminishing your effort. Here is why:

When you place your hands on the rails you will reduce your bodyweight and

therefore the weight that you are lifting by 10-30% (we tested it!). Now by

decreasing the load your legs need to lift, you go faster, but faster is not better in this

instance. All going faster does is raise your heart rate, which is not a bad thing, but

we want bang for the buck and carryover. Holding on does not prepare you to deal

with the effects of gravity, otherwords, dealing with your weight. If you go hiking,

stairclimbing, anything where you are going up – you will have done a great

disservice to your preparation, because your legs will be weak relative to your

weight and you will be sucking wind far sooner than you would have expected, then

getting upset that you are struggling thinking that you have been training really

hard and questioning your fitness.


So, get your hands off the rails, slow it down and develop strong legs, enduring lungs

and heighten resolve!!


Come find out why we love the Step Mill and all the other equipment that we utilize in every workout. Come alone or bring a friend – your first class is free

570-Pound Man Commits to Finishing a 5K Per Month in 2015



Before reading about the inspirational journey of Derek Mitchell, know this: As One is dedicated to helping you take the first step in a healthier, fitter direction. Whether that means improving your pull-up max, increasing your speed on the aero dyne or literally taking your first step into a gym. Come experience the life-altering program that we offer and transform yourself into the person you want to be. Sign up now. 

(Story by Runner’s World)

Derek Mitchell knew he was in last place. 

“I hadn’t even gotten to the first mile, and they were already opening up intersections behind me,” Mitchell said. “I tried to put it out of my mind.”

But Mitchell stayed focused on his goal of completing 3.1 miles at the Big 12 Run in Kansas City, Missouri, where he lives. At 570 pounds, it didn’t matter what the clock read at the finish. He just wanted to reach the finish.

The Big 12 Run wasn’t Mitchell’s first attempt at the distance. He tried to do one last year but had to drop out.   

“That took me down a notch or two,” Mitchell said.  

So on January 1, Mitchell, who weighs 570 pounds, decided to cut soda out of his diet, eat healthier, and go for daily walks, starting with just one mile a day. Then his sister, a marathon runner who races frequently, suggested he sign up for a 5K.  

“I decided that, starting in March, I would do at least on 5K each month for the rest of the year,” Mitchell, 34, told Runner’s World Newswire. “I’ve already been talked into two in May. I want to try and lose five minutes off of each one, but at this point, I just want to finish.”

Mitchell, who is a regional support technician for Cabela’s, the hunting and fishing gear retailer, chose the Big 12 Run, an event that also hosts a 12K which shares the 5K’s start and finish lines, to launch his streak. 

“By the end of the year, I’ll have finished 11 5Ks, which, just thinking about [the fact that] I’ll have walked 55 kilometers is a little daunting. But I’m looking forward to it.”

Mitchell said he wants to shed at least 250 pounds along the way.      

With that in mind during the race, Mitchell kept pressing forward alone for the next mile and a half—save for a police car shadowing him. Just before the 2-mile mark, the 12K runners who had split off earlier in the race, rejoined the 5K runners on the course.

“I’ve volunteered at several races before, and there’s this one guy that I love seeing—he’s a paraplegic who uses a handbike—who I saw zip by as a part of the 12K group,” Mitchell said. “I was like, ‘Wow, I’m not alone anymore!’”

Then the other 12K runners began cheering Mitchell onward.

“It was really cool because a lot of them were exhausted, but nearly every one of them gave me high-fives and told me, ‘Good job!’” Mitchell said. “It was really encouraging that everybody was so awesome.”

Coming down the final stretch, Mitchell’s feet and knees were “killing” him.

“As soon as I saw that finish line and hear everybody yelling, all the pain that I’d been feeling up until that point vanished,” Mitchell said. “I booked it. I couldn’t go as fast as I’d wanted to because I’d already lost some weight and my pants started falling down. But it was just amazing.” He finished in 1:27:44.

After the race, NBC2 News picked up his story. The article and video sparked a flood of messages from supporters to Mitchell’s personal Facebook profile, which inspired his sister to create a community page for him

Even before the race, Mitchell posted updates about his daily walks, inviting others to join him. Now strangers around the country are saying they’d like to race a 5K with him if he’s ever in town.

“Originally, I started this for myself because I needed to get healthy,” Mitchell said. “But it’s amazing the way you can inspire people to get up and get moving just by doing something simple like finishing a 5K.”  



Former obese dog loses 43 pounds after dieting and exercise

Former obese dog loses 43 pounds after dieting and exercise

Dennis the Dachshund has become an internet hero after losing 75% of his body weight through diet and exercise. But you might reading this and saying, “Yeah, that’s great, but he’s a dog. Why should I care?”. 

Because there’s a little Dennis in all of us. 

Dennis was fed White Castle burgers and junk food by his owners until a family relative rescued him. Placing the pooch on a steady dry food diet and increasing his daily walks quickly helped the little guy drop 43 pounds to a healthy weight. The story is truly that simple. 

We might read this as a little more than a heartwarming anecdote, missing its message. While we may not have our diets regulated by a benevolent master and the stresses of human life can complicate our days, the road to a happier, healthier life is one part exercise, one part diet (with a dash of love and family!). There is no secret formula. There is no high-priced shortcut. There is only conscious choices that we have to make over and over and over. 

That’s what we believe at AS ONE. Our studio doesn’t promise to make you skinnier, faster or stronger – that’s what you do. What we do is provide the equipment, instruction and support to help you stick to that two part formula that Dennis learned so well. Our classes vary every day so that unlike Dennis, you don’t feel like your chewing on the same old kibble as you work towards a new you. 

If you have a little Dennis the Dachschund in you, come to AS ONE. The first class is on us

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 11.51.32 AM





You’re two weeks into 2015. Let’s be honest – have you stuck with your New Years resolutions or have you already started to slip? 

As One Fitness is here to get you back on track. For the next two weeks, we’re hosting RESOLUTION REBOOT – an introductory set of classes that are designed to help define your goals and then make sure you stick with them. 

How will we do this? First, we’ll help you define your goals. Rather than say “I want to lose weight”, we’ll help define specific steps that will help you get there. Consider this: taking an As One class three times a week for three months will result in 36,000 calories burned – that’s over 10 pounds gone! 

Second, we create a community that fosters your growth. It’s no wonder that 70% of members who come to three classes end up becoming active members. Compare that to the national average where 63% of new gym members in January never even step foot in the gym! We won’t allow you to become part of that statistic. 

Finally, As One goes beyond the studio. We commit to running Spartan Races, triathlons and other events as a team, making sure to never leave a teammate behind. In doing so, we help you put your workouts to the test vs. simply sweating your life away on a treadmill. 

So join As One for RESOLUTION REBOOT.  

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10% off Yearly As One Fitness Membership




It’s Cyber Monday and As One wants you to save on your gains!

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Here’s what you get when you sign up for the year today: 
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– Personal Trainer attention in a group atmosphere (with classes never being more than 16 people)
– A consultation with the AS ONE coaches on fitness goals and how to reach them through the AS ONE program
– An inviting community of fit, upbeat New Yorkers who will motivate you when you need a push
– A calendar of physical events like Spartan Race and Civilian Military Combine that will keep you always working towards a goal

Here’s how to sign up: 

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Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 1.00.04 PM


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New York City Gym Offers Free Class To Voters

New York City Gym Offers Free Class To Voters

On November 4th, American citizens cast their vote in mid-term elections to decide who will represent them in offices across the country.

This is our civic duty. 

AS ONE wants to give those people a chiseled booty. 

We’re proud to announce the #ExerciseYourVote campaign. 

For the next week, AS ONE Fitness, a high intensity gym on the Upper West Side of New York, is offering a free class to anyone who had their vote heard at the ballot box. 

To redeem a free 30 minute or hour-long class, New Yorkers need only tweet or instagram a photo of their “I Voted” sticker or picture from a polling location with the hashtag #ExerciseYourVote

One model citizen will be selected to receive a year long membership to AS ONE. Watch this video to see the 1,000 calorie burn that awaits the proud folks who have their voices heard:  

We need a well-informed electorate. But we also need a healthy electorate! So #ExerciseYourVote and do both at the same time! 

Learn more about AS ONE

*Campaign ends Nov. 7th at 6pm EST. No purchase necessary, only the completion of your duty as a red-blooded American! YEEHAW! 

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