Basics, Get Proficient in These Movements and Excel!

Basics, Get Proficient in These Movements and Excel!

I love questions!!! Not only do they get the thought processes going, but it also gives me an opportunity to chat. So the question is: Why do you guys use these movements ( by which she meant the strength moves we always do )?

 Well, in the early 90’s a professor by the name Dr. Richard Schmidt was able to break the movements of “man” into six generic patterns. They are: squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, bending, and twisting. All movements are either one of these or a combination thereof.

 Along with this knowlegde is the time for the body to become optimally efficient in a movement pattern which takes somewhere around six weeks. In other words, it will take you six weeks of practice to engrain a new activity/movement into your system to point where you will not have to concentrate on every aspect of the move. Case in point, how often do you hear one of us cueing about the body position during a squat or deadlift?

So progression of the new movement will be hindered until the action has been learned to such an extent that form breakdown will not occur as more load, reps, and sets are applied. By the way, you will improve to a far greater extent by keeping the activities the same and altering the sets, reps, and loads. This type of stimulus to the body is readily absorbed and adaptable.

 Now put it together – if your body basically moves in six ways, and your progression is attenuated by changing the exercises frequently (read my blog about the muscle confusion myth!) as opposed to the sets, reps and loads – voila, you get As One!

Work on those motor patterns that make up all movements, keep those motor patterns the same but challenge the movements by different variables, and now you end up with a progressive, intense, and safe training program.

 As One!!!!!!!!!!


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