Burpee Calculator: What it Takes to Burn One Piece of Fun Size Candy

Burpee Calculator: What it Takes to Burn One Piece of Fun Size Candy

Burpee Calculator: What it Takes to Burn One Piece of Fun Size Candy

Don’t lay a finger on that Butterfinger, lest you wish to do a LOT of burpees!

Listen, we’re not saying to not eat candy – it’s devilishly delicious! But the average American will consume 3.4 pounds of candy during the Halloween season. As with everything action in the universe, there must be an equal or opposite reaction. In the case of candy, that reaction is burpees, to which almost all people are opposed! 

Below is a chart that calculates the equivalent numbers of burpees a person must perform in order to burn off a fun size piece of candy. We repeat: these are fun size portions!  

1 Treat (Fun Size)Calories# of Burpees for a 140 lbs Person# of Burpees for a 180 lbs Person
Peanut M&M's 9383

Almond Joy918163
M&M's 908162
Babe Ruth857659
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup 807255
Milky Way 766853
Kit Kat736551
Hershey's Bar66.76046
3 Musketeers63.35744
Nestle Crunch 51.34635
Peppermint Pattie474232
Milk Duds403627

If you prefer your candy in super fun (read: traditional) size quantities, most are 200 calories, resulting in 180 and 140 burpees respective to the two above weight categories. 

If you’re a masochist and want to see how long you’ll be stuck in burpee purgatory for all your meals, use this handy chart to calculate (prepared by Dr. Jeff Godin): 

Energy Expenditure During Burpee (kcals/burpees)

Weight (lbs) 120130140150160170180190200
kcals per Burpee.951.

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