Burpees; Monday Motivation

Burpees; Monday Motivation

Burpees; Monday Motivation

Ah, the burpee – one exercise that requires, mobility, flexibility, strength, systemic conditioning (full body fitness), core and shoulder stability – love the burpee.  The burpee is an integral part of the As One program  so, if you’ve taken class, you certainly know how to do this.  But, if you, or a friend, want to come in and check out a class, this is a perfect way to get ready.

How to perform the burpee –

  • Feet shoulder width













  • Bend over to the  ground, hands down

photo 2












  • Jump feet back as you lower your chest to the floor

photo 3












  • Press up and in one motion jump feet back to starting position

photo 4












  • While standing up, jump with hands over head.

photo 5












Repeat many many times & enjoy your week!

Team As One


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