You’re two weeks into 2015. Let’s be honest – have you stuck with your New Years resolutions or have you already started to slip? 

As One Fitness is here to get you back on track. For the next two weeks, we’re hosting RESOLUTION REBOOT – an introductory set of classes that are designed to help define your goals and then make sure you stick with them. 

How will we do this? First, we’ll help you define your goals. Rather than say “I want to lose weight”, we’ll help define specific steps that will help you get there. Consider this: taking an As One class three times a week for three months will result in 36,000 calories burned – that’s over 10 pounds gone! 

Second, we create a community that fosters your growth. It’s no wonder that 70% of members who come to three classes end up becoming active members. Compare that to the national average where 63% of new gym members in January never even step foot in the gym! We won’t allow you to become part of that statistic. 

Finally, As One goes beyond the studio. We commit to running Spartan Races, triathlons and other events as a team, making sure to never leave a teammate behind. In doing so, we help you put your workouts to the test vs. simply sweating your life away on a treadmill. 

So join As One for RESOLUTION REBOOT.  

Click here to get your first class free and take the first step to sticking with your 2015 goals.


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