Why the confusion? Eat right, Train with Intensity, Exhibit Will Power!

Why the confusion? Eat right, Train with Intensity, Exhibit Will Power!

What does it really take to be fit, in shape, at the right body weight, minimal aches and pains, stress reduced life…. Here are our thoughts.

To be fit – Train regularly and train hard. Now, what does that mean? Simply, schedule your training 4-6 days a week and make it untouchable and then when you train do not give yourself any cop outs!! We’ve heard them all: “ I don’t like it, I’m tired, this is hard….” I could go on and on. When you train, you train!!! Everybody has the capacity, but not everyone has the will – have the will!!!!

In shape – Never think of yourself as in shape, only that you are training to get into shape – you never get there because the body is forever adapting to the stresses and inputs given to it. Do the same program at the same level every time and the body simply adapts to it. You actually detrain in the since that metabolically it takes less to do the same work.

Struggling to maintain appropriate bodyweight – only two things need to happen to achieve optimal weight. One – eat the correct amount calories from a sound nutritional plan. Two – be active enough from your daily life or from a focused exercise program that really challenges you! For number one – 99% of you know how to eat well and also how much you really should, if you don’t eat well and appropriate amounts it is because you chose not to. As for point two – again you know how hard you should work and if you don’t it is because you chose not to. See where I am going with this, time to exhibit some will.

Minimal aches and pains – your body aches or do you have some pains, well that is a sign that all is not right in the temple. Usually there is nothing a little extra sleep, quiet time and some water won’t drastically help when it comes to chronic body aches and pains. If your having constant problems, get some extra sleep, see your holistic doctor, eat right and de-complex your life. There are plenty of places you can minimize to reduce stress and also, stop saying your stressed out, it’s usually a self fulfilling prophecy. Again exhibit some will and do it.

The greatest catch phrase and the one I wish I would have come up with – just do it.  Need I say anymore?

Mark Merchant, As One

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