As1Effect has changed my life!!! I know this sounds crazy but I have fibromyalgia and used to take Oxycodone every night for my muscle pain but have stopped after participating in the workout classes offered by As1Effect. I can attribute this to the classes because I used to work out at the gym and even had personal trainers but still had to take Oxy. Today, if I miss a few days of As1Effect class I find myself back in pain.

The class has not only addressed my muscle pain but has also gotten me back in shape and has given me the motivation to continue working out even outside of the class.

Why does As1Effect work and how is it different than going to the gym or working with a personal trainer?

1 – The workout routines are constantly changing

2 – Your workout technique is constantly being monitored by 2 Top Notch personal trainers with extensive experience in personal training, competitive sports training, and physical therapy

3 – With personal trainers at a regular gym you push yourself as hard as you and your trainer are able to do so. With As1Effect you push yourself as hard as 2 personal trainers push you, as hard as the rest of the group pushes you, and as hard as you push yourself.

4 – The stretching technique before and after the class help reduce the soreness that you would typically get when training at a regular gym.

I have signed up for 1 years worth of classes and no longer belong to a gym. I have since joined New York Road Runner’s and have incorporate As1Effect training as a major component in my training.

I look forward to these classes and love the way this class makes me feel and look. I recommend this to all of my friends and can’t say enough about how great the As1Efect classes are.

Thanks As1Effect (Mark and George)!!!

Michelle Sanchez

Everyone who is into finess or wants to get into fitness always has to choose between classes, personal training or gym membership. AS1 is the best choice because it is a combination of all three. It is a cross between personal training and the best fitness class you could design. Personal attention, group dynamics in a class no bigger than 12 people, combined with a program that increases strength, and jacks up your metabolism is an unbeatable combination. I especially like the 8 week design which allows you to chart and feel your progress, at the same time motivating you to push your own fitness to the next level. AS1!!!

Rob Pavlin

I worked with a trainer for many years and tried all kinds of classes. After two months with As One I am stronger and more aerobically fit than I have ever been in my life. The group dynamic is fun and low key, and the team spirit makes me work harder than I would on my own. There is always a wide range of fitness levels in the room – from professional athletes to firefighters to people who just exercise to be healthy – and As One works for all of us. 

Eve Yohalem

I’ll be honest; I am completely and totally addicted to As One. I’ve been a member for 2 years, and I can honestly say that I am in the best shape of my life. I could go on and on about how great the workout is (and it is great), but what really keeps me coming back is the community amongst the fellow members and staff. When I miss a workout at As One, I really do miss it (pun intended).

Michelle Velazquez,

I have been consistently coming to As One for almost a year now, and can say without a doubt that this program has changed my body. Since joining the As One community, my strength, endurance, and to a large degree, my willpower to push past my comfort zone have all dramatically improved. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable about the body and because of the small class size, they are able to monitor and correct form. Every workout is safe, functional, efficient, challenging and fun. Each class is comprised of students of all ages and athletic ability, and because of the smart programming, everybody succeeds. I highly recommend As 1 to anyone who wants results. You will leave each class feeling stronger.

Danielle Devine, Flywheel Instructor

As One is extremely high intensity and low impact.  I am far fitter than I’ve ever been, even when I ran the marathon, and the aches and pains that I had assumed were an inevitable consequence of reaching my 30s are gone.

Clifford Sosin

I would say overall as one has helped me get stronger and challenged me to reach new fitness levels. It is the first exercise program I have done that had pushed me off my previous plateau at the gym. It has made me better in activities I enjoy outside of class i.e. skiing.

I find the workouts are continually challenging and the excellent coaching ensures all challenges are met safely.

Karen Shapiro

Ryan McDonagh, New York Rangers (Defenseman)

Carl Hagelin, New York Rangers (Left Wing)