If one word best describes AS ONE, it’s “intense”. Our workouts are designed to test your entire body but doing it in a way that is safe yet effective. And at AS ONE, no two classes are exactly the same. So show up and prepare for the workout of your life.



AS ONE purposefully keeps class sizes small. We do this so that we can offer you the attention and relationship that can usually only be found in a personal trainer. We come to know you, your limits and how to push beyond.



When you are here, you are part of something larger than yourself. When we train, we train AS ONE! Whether you arrive with an age old friend or come alone, you’ll soon feel as though you’re part of something larger. That’s our goal.


AS ONE co-founders Mark Merchant and George Vafiades are industry veterans who possess over three decades of combined experience.  With backgrounds in physical therapy and fitness training, including competitive sports, triathlons, one-on-one training, and group fitness coaching, Merchant and Vafiades develop safe, yet rigorous and effective training programs that enable clients to discover intensity and challenge personal limits.

George Vafiades, USAT, Level I, and USA Cycling, Level 3
Mark Merchant, C.S.C.S., P.E.S

Mark and George’s AS ONE coaching philosophy and commitment are to:

  • Deliver safe yet rigorous conditioning programs for small groups
  • Modify difficulty to suit each participant
  • Maximize their highly advanced toolkit of knowledge and vast experience
  • Facilitate a productive coach/client relationship

Mark Merchant is currently the Director of Training at ALTA Physical Therapy in Manhattan. Mark’s multiple professional designations include: 1) Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (as designated by the National Strength and Conditioning Association) and 2) Performance Enhancement Specialist (as designated by the National Academy of Sports Medicine).

“Effective coaching requires the coach to retain a certain degree of supportive tension. AS ONE coaching instills and builds a sense of accountability for those coached.” ~ Mark


George Vafiades has been a Head Coach at TriLife in NYC since 2005, and holds a BS in Anatomy/Physiology from University of Buffalo. George’s professional certifications include USA Triathlon (USAT) Level One, and USA Cycling, Level Three. He also has competed in multiple Ironman and Triathlon competitions.

“One of the rewarding aspects for me as a coach is seeing individuals achieve as a group.” ~ George

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